Am I Too Old for Blogging?

Am I too old to do my first blog at 82? I think not! So here goes:

Grammar School in Middlesbrough was a difficult time not least because National Service was beckoning, but how do I fill in 12 months before my call up date in August 1955? I decided to work on a pig farm, Welsh Landrace, for 12 months then reported for duty. I had had a brilliant interview with a recruitment Squadron Leader and was offered any trade in The Royal Air Force with the exception of Pilot, as my eyesight was just not good enough! I settled for Ground Radar and signed on for 4 years as I was having a ball. 2 years of my service was spent in a classroom at both RAF Locking and RAF Yatesbury. Just before demobilisation I was racing my 500cc Norton with a guy on a BSA and crashed head on into a car!! Totally my fault, enough said! It was reported that I had no life signs for half an hour, considered dead, and then woke up in the kerb!

Lesson not learnt, I replaced my smashed Norton with a 650 Triumph Bonneville-absolute heaven. A series of 16 nasal polyps over a number of years was one of the punishments after the damage to my head. Today cracks and creaks from C0 and C1 in my neck!

I left the RAF after 4 years and joined Sir Howard Grubb Parsons in Newcastle upon Tyne, Astrological telescope manufacturers, working on the Infra Red Gas Analyser section. To liven life up I got an MG TD sports car and raced her in hill climbs and sprints. The Newcastle and District Motor Club wrote “Mike Wilson in his not so new MG TD showed some of the boys in their big cars just how it should be done” , beautiful.

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