The festive season draws ever closer.It should be a time of joy; celebrating with friends and family. Granted, with the COVID restrictions it will be different, but just like COVID, Christmas won’t go away !

I will be spending Christmas with the family and I’m looking forward to it, but I know that for many – Christmas is a time of high anxiety, fear and worry.

The phobia of Christmas usually begins during early childhood, like from a traumatic event associated with or coinciding with Christmas. This then manifests itself in adulthood generating irrational fears such as feelings of inadequacy – “Will I be able to cook for so many people?”, “How will I pay for all the presents?” and the pressure of making sure everyone has a good time and in the process forgetting about yourself.

I can assure you – you are not alone, many people suffer from Christougenniatikophobia and associated Christmas phobias. Fayophobia is the fear of elves, Meleagrisphobia the fear of turkeys and fear of the big man himself, Santa – Santaphobia or Clausophobia. I’m here to say that you can rid yourself of Christmas phobias forever and for years to come feel the full joy of Christmas.

So, the choice is yours. Will you be rocking around the Christmas tree or hiding under your duvet?

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