Leaving Lockdown

It may feel like it will never happen, but I can promise you that we will leave Lockdown at some point in the future.
Last week I went with my wife to the local vaccination centre to get our first jabs. We all know that the vaccine is the way out of Lockdown, but it is a fact that at least one in 10 people suffer from Needle phobia, which is the fear of medical procedures involving needles or injections. This is nothing to be ashamed of and Hypnotherapy can remove this unconscious response quickly and comfortably, you will notice that after just one Hypnotherapy session even thinking about an injection is easier.
There is no doubt that Lockdown has affected us all to varying degrees and as we emerge, like bears coming out of hibernation, for some this will be a joyful prospect; socialising with friends and family, an end to working from home, getting a hair cut! But for others the thought of coming out of Lockdown may bring on worry, distress and anxiety from concern over Lockdown love handles to the loss of social interaction skills.
The media has been quick to highlight the effects of Lockdown on our mental health and one thing we can be sure of is that the road to normality will be a bumpy one. We need to support each other more than ever and this has been borne out in the personal acts of kindness, fundraising and volunteering efforts we have seen throughout the pandemic.
As we prepare to leave Lockdown you must remember that you are not alone, and whilst the vaccine is fighting the virus, Hypnotherapy can support your mental approach to any personal and professional challenges. 

Fr O’Brien, a Catholic priest in the very troubled old USA, came up with an acronym-HALT. Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired—Speak to Mike!!!

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