Save Eight Elephants

Sir David Attenborough said recently that animals have as much right to existence as we humans.
I love all animals-in particular ELEPHANTS.
When I served in the Military, my surname got the nickname, either TUG or JUMBO, I was JUMBO!
So, this fantastic campaign, to help look after elephants resonated immediately, and needs your help!
Bruce Haxton (my nephew), owner of a fantastic adventure travel business in Northern Thailand,  is cycling over 2,300 kilometres to raise enough funds to feed a group of 8 elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand for three months +. There are huge challenges for the elephants in Northern Thailand at the moment with zero tourism in the country, and Bruce is getting off his backside to do something positive by cycling a crazy distance around the country to help support them.
His fundraising target is £20,000 and he’s reached £11,000 already.
Help ME to help HIM get over the line and make the inevitable pain of his ride (temperatures of 40° +) all worthwhile-and of course help look after these wonderful animals who are in dire need of support.
You can find out more, and make a donation to the campaign here:

My input is not as exacting as Bruce’s. I am offering a free Hypnotherapy session to 5 people, on the condition they donate £50 to the cause, using the funding address above.
I conduct the therapy, by either Zoom or Skype, whatever suits. Check my site to see that I can help a wide range of challenges.
I am also going to the elephants to work with them for two weeks or so, hoping that travel restrictions will be lifted in the near future and we can all get back to ‘normal’.
Bruce Haxton
+66(0)92 2505182

Mike Wilson
The Conversational Hypnotherapist

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