Save Eight Elephants

Sir David Attenborough said recently that animals have as much right to existence as we humans.
I love all animals-in particular ELEPHANTS.
When I served in the Military, my surname got the nickname, either TUG or JUMBO, I was JUMBO!
So, this fantastic campaign, to help look after elephants resonated immediately, and needs your help!
Bruce Haxton (my nephew), owner of a fantastic adventure travel business in Northern Thailand, www.thetuktukclub.com  is cycling over 2,300 kilometres to raise enough funds to feed a group of 8 elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand for three months +. There are huge challenges for the elephants in Northern Thailand at the moment with zero tourism in the country, and Bruce is getting off his backside to do something positive by cycling a crazy distance around the country to help support them.
His fundraising target is £20,000 and he’s reached £11,000 already.
Help ME to help HIM get over the line and make the inevitable pain of his ride (temperatures of 40° +) all worthwhile-and of course help look after these wonderful animals who are in dire need of support.
You can find out more, and make a donation to the campaign here:

My input is not as exacting as Bruce’s. I am offering a free Hypnotherapy session to 5 people, on the condition they donate £50 to the cause, using the funding address above.
I conduct the therapy, by either Zoom or Skype, whatever suits. Check my site www.thehypnocst.com to see that I can help a wide range of challenges.
I am also going to the elephants to work with them for two weeks or so, hoping that travel restrictions will be lifted in the near future and we can all get back to ‘normal’.
Bruce Haxton
The TukTukClub.com
+66(0)92 2505182

Mike Wilson
The Conversational Hypnotherapist

Leaving Lockdown

It may feel like it will never happen, but I can promise you that we will leave Lockdown at some point in the future.
Last week I went with my wife to the local vaccination centre to get our first jabs. We all know that the vaccine is the way out of Lockdown, but it is a fact that at least one in 10 people suffer from Needle phobia, which is the fear of medical procedures involving needles or injections. This is nothing to be ashamed of and Hypnotherapy can remove this unconscious response quickly and comfortably, you will notice that after just one Hypnotherapy session even thinking about an injection is easier.
There is no doubt that Lockdown has affected us all to varying degrees and as we emerge, like bears coming out of hibernation, for some this will be a joyful prospect; socialising with friends and family, an end to working from home, getting a hair cut! But for others the thought of coming out of Lockdown may bring on worry, distress and anxiety from concern over Lockdown love handles to the loss of social interaction skills.
The media has been quick to highlight the effects of Lockdown on our mental health and one thing we can be sure of is that the road to normality will be a bumpy one. We need to support each other more than ever and this has been borne out in the personal acts of kindness, fundraising and volunteering efforts we have seen throughout the pandemic.
As we prepare to leave Lockdown you must remember that you are not alone, and whilst the vaccine is fighting the virus, Hypnotherapy can support your mental approach to any personal and professional challenges. 

Fr O’Brien, a Catholic priest in the very troubled old USA, came up with an acronym-HALT. Hungry. Angry. Lonely. Tired—Speak to Mike!!!


I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Let’s think about that statement for a minute-Happy New Year.
It’s something we freely say at this time of year, but I would like you to consider, what would make your New Year ‘Happy’.
You may try to ring the changes by setting yourself some New Year resolutions, these are as synonymous with New Year as tight waistbands, but studies have shown that 80% fail by the second week of February.

Confidence to go for a Promotion?
Quit Smoking?
Making use of your gym membership.

These would all be considered changes to your lifestyle, but it can be hard to get started and even harder to stick to.

How can Hypnosis help YOU achieve your goals for 2021?
Hypnosis delves into your sub-conscious with positive suggestions, creating lasting changes to your thought process, it basically replaces your OLD thoughts with NEW ones. So you don’t have to rely on WILL POWER alone.

Our lives in 2020 were limited in so many ways, and 2021 isn’t exactly starting off the way we expected or wanted. Don’t take the anti-depressant route, or restrict yourself in 2021.
The virus messes with your body, not your head-YOU mess with your head-let me help you retake control.



The festive season draws ever closer.It should be a time of joy; celebrating with friends and family. Granted, with the COVID restrictions it will be different, but just like COVID, Christmas won’t go away !

I will be spending Christmas with the family and I’m looking forward to it, but I know that for many – Christmas is a time of high anxiety, fear and worry.

The phobia of Christmas usually begins during early childhood, like from a traumatic event associated with or coinciding with Christmas. This then manifests itself in adulthood generating irrational fears such as feelings of inadequacy – “Will I be able to cook for so many people?”, “How will I pay for all the presents?” and the pressure of making sure everyone has a good time and in the process forgetting about yourself.

I can assure you – you are not alone, many people suffer from Christougenniatikophobia and associated Christmas phobias. Fayophobia is the fear of elves, Meleagrisphobia the fear of turkeys and fear of the big man himself, Santa – Santaphobia or Clausophobia. I’m here to say that you can rid yourself of Christmas phobias forever and for years to come feel the full joy of Christmas.

So, the choice is yours. Will you be rocking around the Christmas tree or hiding under your duvet?

Change of Direction

Change of Direction

I changed direction signed up for a brilliant Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy course with a guy called Alf Fowles, way ahead of his time; he had Police students and many welfare people on his courses. Did a refresher recently in London and didn’t learn a thing, having covered it years earlier.
My very first client was Lyn, a Clairvoyant, with a fear of water, took her back to the 1800’s when she was a ‘witch’, equivalent today to a nurse. She went back to being drowned in a village pond because she was a witch, working with herbs and such things. Problem gone!
Went to Portugal to develop a Dolphinarium, to work with Children and Adults with Special Needs. Had a Portuguese ‘Partner’, horrendous mistake. Dolphinarium work showed that I had a fear of water, so I learned to Padi Scuba dive that sorted the problem.


Flying High

Flying High

Flew to Spain for a holiday, absolutely terrified of flying, faced the fear and learned to fly. A Cessna 150 was the first at Leicester Aero Club, then a Beagle Bulldog at Castle Donnington, fantastic fun.
You don’t have to learn to fly to eliminate the fear of flying, Hypnotherapy does the job!
Wanted a more ambitious business life, so I joined a Scottish Brewery, hard work but rewarding.
Divorced, nasty business, unless you are a lawyer, very adversarial. Met my present wife which was a good result.
I developed glandular fever, twice in 4 months, so was not able to follow my brewing career.

Am I Too Old for Blogging?

Am I too old to do my first blog at 82? I think not! So here goes:

Grammar School in Middlesbrough was a difficult time not least because National Service was beckoning, but how do I fill in 12 months before my call up date in August 1955? I decided to work on a pig farm, Welsh Landrace, for 12 months then reported for duty. I had had a brilliant interview with a recruitment Squadron Leader and was offered any trade in The Royal Air Force with the exception of Pilot, as my eyesight was just not good enough! I settled for Ground Radar and signed on for 4 years as I was having a ball. 2 years of my service was spent in a classroom at both RAF Locking and RAF Yatesbury. Just before demobilisation I was racing my 500cc Norton with a guy on a BSA and crashed head on into a car!! Totally my fault, enough said! It was reported that I had no life signs for half an hour, considered dead, and then woke up in the kerb!

Lesson not learnt, I replaced my smashed Norton with a 650 Triumph Bonneville-absolute heaven. A series of 16 nasal polyps over a number of years was one of the punishments after the damage to my head. Today cracks and creaks from C0 and C1 in my neck!

I left the RAF after 4 years and joined Sir Howard Grubb Parsons in Newcastle upon Tyne, Astrological telescope manufacturers, working on the Infra Red Gas Analyser section. To liven life up I got an MG TD sports car and raced her in hill climbs and sprints. The Newcastle and District Motor Club wrote “Mike Wilson in his not so new MG TD showed some of the boys in their big cars just how it should be done” , beautiful.