Save Eight Elephants

Sir David Attenborough said recently that animals have as much right to existence as we humans.I love all animals-in particular ELEPHANTS.When I served in the Military, my surname got the nickname, either TUG or JUMBO, I was JUMBO!So, this fantastic campaign, to help look after elephants resonated immediately, and needs your help!Bruce Haxton (my nephew),Continue reading “Save Eight Elephants”

Change of Direction

Change of Direction I changed direction signed up for a brilliant Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy course with a guy called Alf Fowles, way ahead of his time; he had Police students and many welfare people on his courses. Did a refresher recently in London and didn’t learn a thing, having covered it years earlier.My very first client wasContinue reading “Change of Direction”

Flying High

Flying High Flew to Spain for a holiday, absolutely terrified of flying, faced the fear and learned to fly. A Cessna 150 was the first at Leicester Aero Club, then a Beagle Bulldog at Castle Donnington, fantastic fun.You don’t have to learn to fly to eliminate the fear of flying, Hypnotherapy does the job!Wanted aContinue reading “Flying High”

Am I Too Old for Blogging?

Am I too old to do my first blog at 82? I think not! So here goes: Grammar School in Middlesbrough was a difficult time not least because National Service was beckoning, but how do I fill in 12 months before my call up date in August 1955? I decided to work on a pigContinue reading “Am I Too Old for Blogging?”