Thank You Mike…

“My first session with Mike was back in 1996, and an experience I’ll never forget! I was very young at the time and had developed some symptoms nearly overnight. All one side became very weak and stiff and doctors advised it was a form of ME, and I would get worse over time. My mother heard about the work Mike was doing and booked an appointment, through hypnosis we found out I had a damaged bone at the back of my neck since birth and a growth spurt had caused all the pain. Mike steered me in the right direction for a holistic approach to heal it and 25 years later I have never looked back. I have been back to see Mike numerous times over the years and absolutely love the work he does, he is a gentleman and so good at what he does. I would recommend him 110%.”

Lisa Barrington – Clairvoyant. October 2015.

I have known Mike for many years and was dubious as to wether he could help me with what seemed like a rather trivial request compared to some of the life changing successes he has had with his hypnotherapy and CST clients. On my first attempt at a ski holiday I had a traumatic incident on the slopes and never wanted to ski again. My husband suggested that I ask Mike for a Hypnotherapy session to try to rid me of the associated negative emotions. After just one session with Mike the negativity I experienced has dramatically reduced and I have since enjoyed many more ski holidays. Not only improving my skiing each time but thanks to Mike I have many happy memories on the slopes with friends and family which I wouldn’t have had if I had given up. Hypnotherapy is not just about giving up smoking or losing weight, it is for anyone who is needing to change their thought patterns towards a situation.

Fiona Lydon – Car Lease Manager. May 2019.

“I would highly recommend Mike as a Hypnotherapist and this is why:-

I had been on numerous ski holidays over the years and had learned to ski with reasonably good technique but an irrational fear would always halt my progress, so much so, in fact, that on many occasions, even after brilliant starts to the skiing day I have been so paralysed with fear and hardly able to move down the slopes. Stuck, anxious, upset and so annoyed and angry with myself for letting the fear take over. I can’t even describe what I was fearful of – the speed, the height, being out of control – there was nothing specific to conquer but fear itself. After only one session with Mike I can honestly say that I have enjoyed skiing for the first time ever. I now ski without that debilitating fear and have tackled many steeper red runs that I had at one time thought impossible. I now look forward to going on skiing holidays and exploring the whole mountain range, free from the debilitating fear that I used to have. Thank you so much Mike.”

Jennie Heywood – Manchester Fire Service Personnel. November 2019.

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