Change of Direction

Change of Direction

I changed direction signed up for a brilliant Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy course with a guy called Alf Fowles, way ahead of his time; he had Police students and many welfare people on his courses. Did a refresher recently in London and didn’t learn a thing, having covered it years earlier.
My very first client was Lyn, a Clairvoyant, with a fear of water, took her back to the 1800’s when she was a ‘witch’, equivalent today to a nurse. She went back to being drowned in a village pond because she was a witch, working with herbs and such things. Problem gone!
Went to Portugal to develop a Dolphinarium, to work with Children and Adults with Special Needs. Had a Portuguese ‘Partner’, horrendous mistake. Dolphinarium work showed that I had a fear of water, so I learned to Padi Scuba dive that sorted the problem.


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